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T2 Raid Acceptance List

New participants must first contact Echelon kinship officers to approve gear setup at TDT T2 level 105.  This acceptance list is maintained and used to create the raiding team. You must be on this list to join the raid and use the private raid chat channel.

Currently approved players are:

Saturday Noon (Registered & Accepted)

  1. Cufcahoobinoo (Guard Tank). Experienced with Rakothas T2
  2. Bobberry (Cappy), Baruberry (Mini)
  3. Shtahlin (Warden) / Liquorice (RK)
  4. Seljancica (Captain DPS)
  5. Altug (Captain DPS) / Faerbo (Burglar). Experienced with many TDT T2 runs
  6. Tabytha (Mini)
  7. Scareful (Guardian)
  8. Ithalia (Guardian)
  9. Quanduro (LM)
  10. Riga(LM). Experienced with Rakothas T2
  11. Arathrinn (LM) / Aratornn (Captain Tank) / Eothronn (RK DPS)
  12. Sumppi (Champion)
  13. Jannezzi (Hunter)
  14. Kittykats (Mini), Catalina (Warden), Xolla (RK)
  15. Axxilya (LM)
  16. Zirakkhazad (RK DPS) / Elessarel (Captain)
  17. Athirin (Champion)