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Alliance Membership Agreement
This agreement is between the following kinships: Everlasting Hope, Exiles of Arnor, Heroes of Evernight, The Outlaw Brotherhood, Wisdom of the Valar, Blades of Anarion and Echelon.

  1. players that are not part of one of our kinships are not welcome on the Alliance Chat Channel.
  2. access to the Alliance Chat Channel is granted by invitation only. Only full kin members are invited to the alliance chat channel.
  3. only kin officers are allowed to invite kin members to the Alliance Chat Channel.
  4. access to the Alliance Chat Channel is granted only upon full agreement with the Alliance Agreement
  5. kin members may not post or share details which identify the name and password of our private Alliance Chat Channel in world chat or with players that are not part of our kinship.
  6. the moral values of our kinship must be upheld when communicating on the Alliance Chat Channel and when interacting with our kinship allies.
  7. allies are free to use the communication tools that are needed for a specific group event. This could be chat, in game voice, teamspeak or any other form of communications.
  8. any unwanted player who is not a member of allied kinships may be kicked from fellowships or raids by the group leader. Any issues with unwanted players can be brought to the attention of group members, group leaders, officers and kin leaders using the secure Alliance Chat Channel. In this way, we protect our kin and our allies by keeping gameplay safe and courteous for our members to enjoy lotro.
  9. if players within allied kinships have an issue with each other, it will be discussed with the kinship leaders to seek for solutions.
  10. Tier 2 fellowships: Players may reject other players based on gear. Players may not reject other players because of a lack of experience while wearing equipment that is agreed to be good enough by the group leader.
  11. Tier 2 fellowships: No ally is forced to join T2 events.
  12. Tier 2 fellowships: kin members who are invited to use the ally chat channel may mail other kinship leaders or officers about planned T2 events. Such kin members may also advertise all their planned events in the alliance chat channel.