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Echelon T2 Raid Team

Echelon T2 Raid Team

Register here for the weekly raid each Saturday at 12 noon (GMT). The event is repeated every Saturday at the same time.  Our goal is to learn and practice using a scheduled raid to complete ToDT T2 on a weekly basis.


Registration Process


New participants must first register and verify that gear is suitable for the T2 raid at level 105.
Once approved players will be:

  1. added to the registered and accepted players list below for approved players.

  2. given access to the custom chat channel: EchelonRaid.  This chat channel is used each week to organise invites to the raid team 30 minutes prior to the event starting. Its use is governed by Echelon kinship rules where only players on the accepted list may use the EchelonRaid chat channel.


The Three Rules


  1. Tolerance:  Players who are not tolerant, who rage quit, who show impatience or are not mindful of others who may be learning will be kicked from the raid and removed from the acceptance list and not invited again.

  2. Entry:  entry to the raid team will be on a first come first served basis 30 minutes prior to the start of the raid each week. No locks are allowed, please check your locks first. The team is organised in the chat channel and the fellowship started by the first Echelon officer online at that time. The officer will only invite players who are listed in our acceptance list and who respond in the EchelonRaid chat channel. If an Echelon officer is not online 15 minutes before the start of the raid, registered members should nominate a leader to organise the raid. This should keep the event rolling each week and without sole dependence upon Echelon

  3. Team:  being on the list is not a guarantee to join the raid each week.   Preference is given to the required range of classes for TDT T2.    Some classes will have a priority to get in above others.  


Registered & Accepted Players List

  1. Cufcahoobinoo (Guard Tank). Experienced with Rakothas T2
  2. Bobberry (Cappy), Baruberry (Mini)
  3. Shtahlin (Warden) / Liquorice (RK)
  4. Seljancica (Captain DPS)
  5. Altug (Captain DPS) / Faerbo (Burglar). Experienced with many TDT T2 runs
  6. Tabytha (Mini)
  7. Scareful (Guardian)
  8. Ithalia (Guardian)
  9. Quanduro (LM)
  10. Riga(LM). Experienced with Rakothas T2
  11. Arathrinn (LM) / Aratornn (Captain Tank) / Eothronn (RK DPS)
  12. Sumppi (Champion)
  13. Jannezzi (Hunter)
  14. Kittykats (Mini), Catalina (Warden), Xolla (RK)
  15. Axxilya (LM)
  16. Zirakkhazad (RK DPS) / Elessarel (Captain)
  17. Athirin (Champion)
  18. Fingolfid (Hunter)
  19. Rimstalkerge (Champion)