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About our kinship and alliance

We are an international kinship and alliance that enjoys courteous end game raiding in lotro. Our kin alliance is supervised by kin leaders to safeguard tolerant, civil and cooperative gameplay.

Echelon started in October 2016 to increase the number of level 105 players in the existing alliance of seven well established kinships. Alliance coordination is attributed to Whitedoom the leader of Everlasting Hope, Bobbery the leader of The Outlaw Brotherhood and Cufcahoobinoo, founder of Echelon.

Echelon is a lotro home for cap level players only. We welcome all classes who are wishing to expand their raiding with good-natured players. To join Echelon you must be level 105. There is no requirement for gear.

Alliance Members: Everlasting Hope, Exiles of Arnor, Heroes of Evernight, The Outlaw Brotherhood, Wisdom of the Valar, Echelon, Blades of Anarion.

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